Swipe Pods

Easy, On the Go Wipe Dispenser for Medical Professionals


What is a Swipe Pod?

(Alcohol-Based Sanitizer, n.d.)

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Customer reviews

I am a Nurse and see several patients during the day. The Swipe Pod helps to keep my patients and myself clean!

Jenn R

Rather than having a bunch of alcohol pads scattered at home from my pockets! SwipePods reduces wastage and so easy to use attaches to my scrubs with ease!

Amanda H. RN, BSN

It's like a purse for my alcohol pads! I love the colorful and customizable interchangeable lids! Thank you!

Zoe MD

Boom! just what I need, when I needed it! Alcohol pads at my fingertips!

Dustin PA

I'm a diabetic and need insulin when I'm on the go, sometimes I run out of alcohol pads and injections are late and my day is pushed back. SwipePods allows me to keep them safe and readily available.

Deanna L.

Be Proactive, Keep Others Clean

Keep alcohol pads handy when you need them!

Clean Scopes, Extra Hope!

Attach your Swipe Pod to your stethoscope, scrubs or lab coat!

Consciously Clean

Did you know that bacteria resides on your stethoscope and can travel from patient to patient potentially making everyone sick!